My Soul
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Sunday, October 14 at 12:19 AM | 0 bouquet
first of all congrats to my dearest brother for his graduation. you did great for make all of us proud with you. one fine day I'll going to be like this. Insya Allah. on that day he had received too many bouquet of flowers. ohh that is so impress me because I also want to receive many flowers just like others on their graduation day. hihi. my brother had successfully in his course that is Manufacturing Engineering at UIAM. seem like this course so complicated and I'm surely will not study this course when in university. Hahaha. *ayt mcm budak tadika*

why me to pendek ? nmpk separuh ja ? this is my happy go lucky family. that are still a lot of pictures tapi tak di transfer kan. so this is good enough.

Fantastic Four
and this is my gorgeous buddies. haha. my life have be more meaningful with them. there are too lots moments that we had shared together. even in sadness or happiness we are still together. i can count on them and they are also can count on me. for those who don't have a good friend, you're so noob. huhh-,- appreciate people around you. make a lot of friends as many as you can. friendship is like a rainbow that they can bright your life when you're in storm.

>pray the best for me for my final exam. final exam dah start dari 11.10.2012 - 30.10.2012. nmpk tak berapa lame nyer I should live in misery ? brr