Groom Searching
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Once there were two buildings- one for grooms, one for brides. Whoever wanted to get married but don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend would go here to find one. Each building had four floors and each floor gathered a specific group of brides or grooms.

One day, there was a lady who wanted to get married for she was bored living all alone in her huge mansion. She went to the grooms' building and asked the waiter for a groom. "There are a few conditions you must follow", the waiter said. The lady nodded. "First condition, if you feel you cannot get a suitable groom on that floor, you may go upstairs and so on to choose a groom you want. But once you go upstairs, you cannot go and pick the groom downstairs anymore". The lady agreed. "Second, when you go to the top and still you cannot find your groom, you are forbidden to come back here to get a groom forever." The lady agreed again.

So the waiter took the lady to the first floor. The first thing that came into her sight is a line of waiting grooms. On this floor, there was a sign that listed the criteria of the groom-faithful and handsome. "Just these two criteria ?" The lady asked the waiter. The waiter nodded. The lady feel unsatisfied. "I want a better groom." The waiter then took the lady to the second floor. There was a line of grooms welcomed her and sign that listed criteria of the grooms-faithful, handsome and intelligent." "Only these criteria ?" The lady asked the waiter again. The waiter nodded her head. "They're not even fit to my status. I want much better groom." So the waiter took her to the third floor. Again there was a line of grooms with a sign that listed the groom criteria-faithful, handsome, intelligent and rich. She read the sign and still unsatisfied. "Just these four criteria ? No, I want a much-much-better groom." The waiter asked the lady for a conformation. "Are you sure these four criteria are not enough?". The lady just nodded in determination. She can't wait to see the groom's criteria on the 4th floor which she was sure would be much better than the third floor's grooms'

So finally the waiter took her to the last floor to the building. But when she set her foot on that floor. she saw the least thing that she expected. There was nothing but assign that read, "THE MORE YOU HAVE, THE LESS YOU SATISFIED THAT YOU FEEL. YOU WILL BECOME GREEDIER AND IN THE END, YOU WILL BE LEFT WITH NOTHING BUT REGRET." Due to her agreement, the lady have to left the building with her shoulders deflated, thinking the words on the last sign over and over again.

>I took this from school magazine for my English ULBS. Hope people will remember to be grateful with what you have.