ini Hidup
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Saturday, January 14 at 6:07 PM | 0 bouquet
hai hai hai hai haiii encik robot<3 heee.. ape encik robot plak.. I start balik semula yea..
hai hai hai hai haiii semua pembaca yang hebad-2:) how are you doing ? I hope you are in the pink of health. kalau sakit cepat dapatkan ubat dengan kadar segera.. lakukan sebelum terlambat.. okayyy.. I'm really sure that you're miss me-,- *maap, terperasan
actually I have got some stories that I want to share with you all but since my school life have been started again so I have got a little bit busy.. as you all can see the image at the above.. I have been caught and trapped with the bundle of homework *makk aii hiperbola. melampau g niey
the thing that really make me feel nervous, afraid, surprise, is when the teachers start to write the word "HOMEWORK" omjayyy.. kalau satu tak jadi hal lha kan brader.. tapi niey semua dalam page textbook 2 kne buat.. cikguuuuu ape niey ckit sgt.. nak lagi nak lagi-,- *tipu lha cakap mcm 2
I think this is enough for this time.. for who come visit my baby blog, please leave your footprints at my cutie cbox.. insya Allah I will come to visit and follow you back ;)