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okay sure everyone know today is the day for this awesome movie show on-,-
ohhh man where I am now ? *depan lappy atas sofa biru* huaaaaa :'(
nak tengokkkkkk-,-
this is some of the dialog said by Edward and Bella..

I promise to love you every moment, FOREVER
Bella, I have never been more humbled than in the moment you took my name..
It's the only thing I ever had worth giving..

Edward, my enternal love
You'll be my only possession. I'll be a slave to you. We hold the power together . Just me and you.
We will never be apart again, Edward. NEVER..

Music is my reflection..
I want you to be with me forever , no matter how selfish that seems.

It was my wedding gift. He was playing our song

-This was a battle for life and death. Bella would fight for the life of the baby. Edward would fight to avoid the death of his wife-

The voice that sang within her was so innocent.. so pure..
It was everything I had heard about heaven..Perfection was within my reach.
So I touched it.. I caressed what I never conceived possible in selfish world-coming from my unborn child.
No amount of preparation could have readied me for what I held in my arms. Nothing less than a MIRACLE.
So much had changed since I first laid my eyes on Bella, since I first took in the scent of my one true singer.
My silent-minded Bella had irrevocably changed me in every conceivable way.
She removed my mask and loved me for who I was- all my flaw, mistakes, and inhumaness.
I was destructor turned protector , from nothing to a husband and father . In complete faith, she had bound her existence to mine. I'm here Bella. Come back to me. I whispered inaudibly above the loud erratic bounding of her dying heart.
She had made me a believer. No longer could I wait for what I knew our future could be..

heeee.. ak jealous dengan ini.. Mommmmmmm I want to watch this now-,-