Greyson Chance and Nashrin
Written by me on
Friday, November 18 at 11:59 PM | 0 bouquet
okay I've falling in love with both of them-,-

Greyson Chance


how sweet they are for my eyes.. their face.. their voice and their talented..
I like the way Nashrin play his lovely guitar.. wooowwww.. *first time tengok vid Fobia cinta
Believe it or not today I spend my time just to see all Nashrin vid.. It all start from Anugerah Skrin.. It only me and Adee talk about him.. and said how handsome he is.. kuikui..*vid Percaya Pada Luka lagi superb wehhh..
and none othen that Greyson Chance for sure about how good he is in playing piano.. okay he is so cute.. although he still young but his melodious voice make my sleep become more soundly.. kuikui..
Adiosssssss (: