nyte nyte ^^
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Friday, April 15 at 8:38 AM | 0 bouquet
malam ohh malam.. ak keseorangan menyiapkan kerja kursus.. dushhh.. *byk lalak je niey. smbl2 bt bnde alah niey.. ak terjumpe blog menarik ini.. hohh.. blog ini bleh dikatekan.. awesome !! *yeahhh.. clap hands. jum bace ape yg ad kt dlam blog itu.. haa.. niey nk story.. tdy plbs bm.. perghhh !! ak x prepare pown.. prepare time nk pgy bce yasin 2 je.. secare tibe2 nyer.. ckgu kesayanagn ak 2.. pgl name cun niey 'adlina umairah' . memandangkan member2 ak niey agk jeles.. so mereka dgn gumbira nyer tepuk tangan.. aishhhh.. saman nti.. huhhh.. ak msih kebosanan.. what the freak o.O
who do you think you are ?

runnin' round leavin scars

colleting your jars of heart

and tearing love apart

you're gonna catch a clod

from the ice inside your soul

so don't come back to me

who do you think you are ?

*ak tacink xP