That's How You Know
Written by me on
Sunday, November 28 at 6:29 AM | 0 bouquet
how do i know, he love me ?
how do i know, he's mine ?
does he leave a little note to you, you are on his mind ?
send you yellow flowers when the sky is gray ?
he'll find a new way to show you, al little bit everyday
that's how you know, he's your love
everybody wants to live happily ever after
everybody wants to know that true love is true
how do you know, he love you ?
how do you know, he's yours ?
does he take you out dancing so he can hold you close ?
dedicate a song with words meant just for you ?
he'll wear your favourite colour just so he can match your eyes
his heart will be yours forever, something everyday will show
that how you know
he's your love.....