tidak darling !
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Sunday, October 24 at 5:25 AM | 0 bouquet
darling.. huh.. lme nyer x menulis dkt bnde niey.. adui.. rndu plak nk menulis..
doe.. huh.. getting hard n hard now.. every single day.. the things will make me shaking n shaking.. and i become little bit rude.. huh.. do i care ? but sory le ye.. sometimes ble tgh mrh.. smue kluar.. god !! nk exam kot.. kne jge sgle ape yg dibt n mulut yg xtaw duduk diam niey..
so sory dudes.. if you all forced to hear my bad words.. you know why i said that bad words.. panas bai.. sape x hot..... right ? darling !! exam !! counting to be free.. muaH muaH.. cuak nk exam niey.. (^_^)

p/s>mohd asyraf or a.k.a zombie.. sory klow ko terase dgn kteorg.. xad mkne pown nk salah kn ko sepenuh nyer ye.. ak dh explain kn tdi.. hee.. mls nk gado dgn ko.. runsing ak.. byk ckp ko 2.. hehe.. once again dude.. we're sooo sorry !!! ;)