need it !
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Monday, October 25 at 4:58 AM | 0 bouquet
saya mahu lari !!! do i need to touching with you ? ermm.. i don't think so.. regret ? what a pity on you.. kasihan2..
that call a luck ye kwn.. then.. don't think you had did the right thing now.. it okay.. you chose that.. i accept it.. ooo.. it okay kwn.. i don't care too much about this.. act just thinking why can be like this ? did i'm jealous ?? huh.. brader.. don't ever try to say like that to me.. watch out ! ermm.. unexpected because all this happened during the exam time ?? oh god ! help ! help ! give the strenght to face it.. act not really unexpected but little bit expect this will be happened again.. you said.. i must trust *** fuh.. easy to say but hard to done.. please.. i'm begging on you.. give me a more truthly to trust you again.. if you all also hard to trust ***.. ape kn ag saya ini.. masya Allah.. apa ini ? ish3 !
rse nyer dh seminggu dh bnde 2 jdy.. tpi nape jari niey sket ag ?? lah..ble nk elok niey.. nseb tgn kiri bkn kanan..

>gne kn star itu mengikut kefahaman msing2.. him her hun or what you want to replace it..
if you know the truth.. you will understand that star(*)hehe.. sje suke2 aje ini..