if i had you !
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Tuesday, October 5 at 1:12 AM | 1 bouquet
i said i want you.. hoho~
when i think of you.. i don't feel so alone..
vanilla twilight ~
if i had you.. ermm.. ntah la.. tuka topic..
haa..science class yg kurang mengatok utk ari niey.. hehe..
kerusi yg brbakti.. thankz krne memberi dri yg kecix niey utk brsile.. ish3 ! x la boring sgt jdi nyer.
so skrg.. azam bru dh trcapai.. jeng3 ! saye x tido petang dh !! haha.. guess what ? aye bt ape ? hehe

do you know ? for every single things i do..
i'm always thinking of you.. can't stop thinking..huahua..
one thing to describe.. just the way you are !

p/s > kengkawan.. prince charming angau dgr lagu just the way you are !! adui.. tiap kli dgr lgu niey..
comfirm melalak.. so sweeeet ! i really love this love song !!