trsedak sedak
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Sunday, August 8 at 1:03 AM | 0 bouquet
wuaa! last night.. acap texting me.. what a surprise..ingt dh lpe.. haha.. malang nyer x bleh nk text lelme.. sbb bttry nyawe2 ikn mse 2..(ddk le kt bumi seratas 2.. ak dh free dri bumi seratas 2)
ermm.. tuition clss.. fuh.. rame nyer resident sesi tengahari.. ish3 ! bsing gler.. huh.. mcm2 perangai manusie ad tdi..
as usual sblm naek.. bli crunhie dlu.. (favourite kuw) dgn full cream.. lapo.. hehe.. dh naek trsangkut plak dpn pintu.. have a short conversation with sir mega.. hehe.. talking about he was travel to jb last week. he got new white i-phone.. hehe.. so now, my stomach full with chocalate.. hehe.. i got 1 bar cadbury chocolate from zombie.. hehe.. tenkiu zombie.. in 2 hours.. i ate 2 bar of chocolate.. and now i does not have an appetite to eat for lunch.. hehe
mcm mne ntah tdi bleh trsedak minum susu tdi.. hampeh btol.. cri tisu.. tpi sorang pown x ad tisu.. adui.. sekse btol.. merah2 mate ak tdi.. bak kata ab.. kesian anda... haha..that all for this week. i hope i can get a happiness in my life.. i really2 hope to be ________________.. hakhak !