hapy bufday~
Written by me on
Sunday, August 22 at 10:43 PM | 0 bouquet
hepy bufday to you..
hepy bufday to you..
hepy bufday to ayah..
hepy bufday to you..

ayah..may Allah bless you.. jgn garang2 ek.. takot anakmu ini..
xad present le nk bgi.. agk pokai.. ayah le xnk bgi elaun bulan pose.. pokai la jwb nyer.. hehe
i just can give you my big heart to love you so much.. jgn garang2 !! lps niey.. i promise..
not to be naughty2.. lps niey jgn le ckp org buas.. hahahaha.. btw,selamat brpuase !

ermm.. x lpe jgk.. utk laily munirah (ha) and azreen..
hepy bufday to you all.. hope success in ur life.. :)