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Sunday, August 15 at 7:55 PM | 0 bouquet
such a long time not update this baby blog.. i'm sure u miss me right ? hahaha..
ermm.. great sunday.. i like.. haha..
ermm.. i'm just lost my idea about person who name given with A.. confuse to talk about you..
ak x ckp ape2 pown ag.. adui..bagaimana ituu ? tpi xpe.. hahaha.. for you.. you are my bestfriend forever.. i'll keep in touch with you.. this week you little bit different than before.. it oke.. i hope you have a nice fasting at hostell.. hehe..
ermm.. talking about what ? about you ? haha.. i miss u babe.. haha..
jealousy ? i hate that word for this time.. just waste ur time with that word !! wuek !
aiyaa.. i hate my neighbour .. aihee.. geram kot.. ish3 !