tolol ~
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Thursday, July 22 at 1:18 AM | 0 bouquet
i don't know what i feel right now..just a shit thing..bodo !
that font come in red colour..what do you try to do right now ? just tell me what ??
it hard ? just go la with your hard ! you just make other feel really2 irrates at you ! stupid !
x dpt advantange pown bt mende niey..banggang !
maybe you get satiesfied in ur life because you can see the tears drop from others. i don't mean to anyone..
but i mean to the brain..which can't think deeply..if you don't want to think what i feel..i beg u to think what other feel..pity on just like luke yg brdarah yg meninggal kn kesan sprti parut..ngee~ heart still beating right now ! i think i should stop to write about this.. TITIK ! i come back in blue colour..about yesterday..
haa..i love just a great time..11.30 p.m. haa..i miss that..hehe
as a friend ? i don't mind..but i'm still satiesfied bacause i still can keep in touch with you..
but i'm still say..
i luv u..more than what u said..haha..
siyez..ini agk jwg dri kuw ! haha