kaw melekat di ati kuw
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Saturday, July 31 at 7:06 AM | 1 bouquet
oke.. i'm talking about my old friend iffah syahirah binti idris.. i know your full name.. i know her during i'm studying at seratas.. no more for now.. hehe.. oke.. just right now.. i'm texting wit her.. hush2! i miss you like crazy..we are talking about what we had share before.. psl masing2.. ermm.. about you are always in my heart although we are far apart right now.. for your information dude.. only a sea can seperate us.. 2 pown xkn trjdi.. sbb ko dh ak lekat kn dgn gam gajah.. but u said.. kaw jahit ak.. ish3 ! nevermind.. ermm.. asking u about lin. cieda. ain. and so on.. ermm.. one thing for sure.. i luv u more and more..
-study lek lok ek
-result gempak
-band kn ? tiup lek lok mende 2
- kirim salam kt senior abg helang ak 2..
and for nabila.. i still remember u jiran.. katil sebelah.. i miss u too...