four luv four
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Tuesday, July 20 at 6:59 PM | 0 bouquet
kaw mmg menyusah kn..ak tgh syok2 texting dgn die..kaw bt hal plak..kaw mmg benggong gler..
campak dlm sngi nti..fon2..

absent today..i had caught fever again..sket tekak..ulser bengkak smpe ats..ish3 ! flu pown hmpr mendekati..
huh.esk nk pegi sklh..byk gosip..erm..

for capital A yg dlu..i can't stop thinking about you..yesterday 2 mmg truk..msj x smpe kt capital A..ish3 !
i hope i can keep in touch with you..

stop talking about you..just waste my time..argh ! i hate you...wuek ! bola baling time pjpk..walawey ! kmpln kiteorg menang..comel2 gurl..hehe..
lawa2 gurl klh ag..haha..relax2..just a great time..luv it..
nothing to say..i stop my word now..