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Friday, July 9 at 3:14 AM | 0 bouquet
finally,for a long time..i can update my baby blog..
wua..in 2 weeks..everything tad happens..that make me..
laugh.cried.surprised.glad. everything about feel..had happened..
1 week you not around..err..i don't know what i feel..
losing u frenz..that the thing i very afraid..hope never happen..
haa..i scolded with teacher??..err..that not to afraid if compare losing you frenz..
but i'm afraid when the time i had scolded with teacher without reasons..hee..
i'm afraid when my dad scolded me too without reasons..
just want say..
kengkwan yg kt school tdi..yg trpkse dgr tangisan kuw..
thank you very much..i glad to have frenz like you all..
luv u so much..

no more capital..but ather capital A with??