my holiday!
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Saturday, March 20 at 10:10 AM | 0 bouquet
my first day at kak yong house..that abang took me to midvalley to buy a new shirt for me..hakhak!almost 1 hour pusing midvalley..finally..i got that shirt..such 4 a long time to made a choice 4 the right shirt..i said to my it me difficult to choice the shirt or the shirt were really not siutable for abang said..not u..but the shirt..hoho..

waiting 4 the afternoon..while said..mane abang nie..hehe..erm..x lme lps abang arrived..he said let go..haha..she took me to kajang comuter to bndr tasik sltn..from ther take star to hang tuah station..then..arrived time square..the place where we wanted to go..enter the abang squash trbke kl..stop there 4 a while..then..we went to level 5..kt ctu la cosmo world..abang said..brni ke naek bnde2 niey..ak said..brni kot..our first game was the psing2..ntah la..x ingt nme nyer..then..our secong game was roller coster..omg!my heart was started beating..tggi sgt..when turun dri roller coster and abang..pening2..hehe..just made a sit 4 a while..abang want 2 play bumper i joined he..i drove the car by myself..haha..mcm x sgke je.hehe..our fourth game was DNA plg gayat..nmpk mcm simple..tpi menakutkn..bnde 2 pusing 30 darjah..menjerit x ingt dunie la..hehe..and our last game..spinning round..bnde tu psing2 smpi kt pnck die..pergh..nmpk mcm gayat doe..tpi x la sgt..biase je abang you want to play again..dgn cpt nyer geleng and from there and abang bought twister to hilang kn pening..after that..sightseeing at bukit bintang and had a dinner at secret recipe..hoho..went back home..naek monorail..haha..almost 1o pm..arrived at home..pupbye!

p/s: arai (my 2nd brother) can't join our jln2 coz he had lab pity with him..but he still calling sisters plak..just made a call 4 me..dieorg dh khwin..x bleh nk join dh..hikhik!